Is God Too Violent?

One of the things I’ve been doing to get the word out about Grounded in the Bible is contributing to subreddits about the Bible and Christianity. These groups are not restricted to Christians, but they are open to anyone to ask questions and generate discussion on these topics. As such, these subreddits often have atheists and people of other religions in them.

So, someone posed the question (paraphrased): For atheists and other non-believers, what is the reason that you don’t believe in God? What would have to happen for you to change your mind?

And one of the atheists answered (paraphrased): God is too violent. Even if I did believe that God existed, I wouldn’t want to follow him because of his excessive violence. Why would I want to follow anyone who can’t control his anger and who might kill me at any moment in a fit of rage?

My question to you today is, in light of what we learned last week about God as Judge, How would you respond to this atheist?